Struggling with getting your team to peak performance and uncertain where to start? Start with FeedingWorks, a team building experience like no other. Tailored to your team’s specific needs, each FeedingWorks session has a different area of skill-building focus:


• Trust

• Accountability

• Communication

• Results

• Conflict

How FeedingWorks Can Help Your Team.

What Your Team Will Experience

• A 3-4 hour high-energy session led by professional facilitators.

• The power of working together to make an immediate difference on hunger in Greater Cincinnati.

• Insight about the team and how it operates including team strengths and blind spots.

• Improved communication, encouragement and conflict management skills.

Why FeedingWorks?

FeedingWorks is a unique combination of professional leadership development and the transformational experience of a team working together to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. Teams form genuine bonds through this experience which is based on the principle of giving back while developing yourself and your team.


Please contact Tony Lavatori @ 513-482-3670 or for more information.


1141 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202   Tel  513-482-3665